My story as a mother

My name is Lucia and I have a son. My life was full of life, full of parties, friends, travelling. I was working as a bellydancer, performing and teaching. Working mostly in my home country in 2010 I took decision and traveled to India…My contract was for 1,5 month and now it has been already 6 years and I am writing this post from Asia. I met my Mr.Big and now we have awesomely sweet Mr.Small 😛

My life has changed. I am not performing nor teaching, I closed my ONA Women Centre when I gave birth to my son. But all the knowledge I got during my life ‘before Mr.Small’ was just sleeping and waiting for the right time. I devoted my life to study of such a powerful form of dance – bellydance and spiritual practices. I am Hatha yoga teacher, I work with crystals, I heal with the vibrations of tibetan bowls, I guide the meditations, I paint, I am a certified masseuse, I work with Aura-soma oils, I study Ayurveda and most of all, I love to teach, I love to create and inspire.

During my pregnancy I naturally changed focus of my study from women to mother-and-child-oriented topics. For 9 months I was preparing myself mentally and physically for natural home delivery. I studied pregnancy from ayurvedic point of view, I learnt hypno-birthing, I met my son in meditation, I prepared the best environment I was that time able to prepare for him to come, I learnt about herbs and I learnt to stand for myself and for my baby. After he was born my hunger for new information didn’t stop. I got into depths of Montessori methods of education, Waldorf principles of raising the child, I studied attachment and positive parenting. And every day I am learning more and more. I attend online courses and seminars, I read books and I joined Montessori Diploma Training. I love to study and I love to teach.

Few months after my son was born I got lost. I lost my path, I lost myself. After falling apart I stood up again and now I know I want to inspire all you awesome mums. I hope my work will make you think and realize what is natural and that it is essential to come back to the roots so we are connected with ourselves and with our children again. I believe kids are self-made human beings are we are there to guide them, not to give them our beliefs, worries or expectations.

We follow principles of positive parenting, we allow our son to explore the world by himself, we allow him to learn by himself, we have tons of rice grains, gemstones and bamboo sticks for sensory activities. We believe in Montessori as we can see the results.

Welcome on board and enjoy your journey with me.