With toddler in the kitchen – Our Montessori Prepared Kitchen

A play kitchen for Agastya (16 months). He can open all the kitchen doors independently now. Few weeks ago he couldn’t reach to upper portion but now he can manage himself. Kitchen has “growing legs” so can grow together with him.

All his cutlery, plates, bowls and food table mat are arranged in places marked by red tape. Like this they have they stable places and it is much easier for little one to remember what belongs where. It took him one day to absorb new information and apply it in real.

He can get his small glasses from top left shelf and glass jar from the right one.

Upper wardrobe works as storage for some of his snacks that he can take independently.

“Growing chair” is best for the child to teach him table manners and socialize. We can just move the seats up and down according to our convenience so he can climb up and down independently. Till now he didn’t find out the exact way of doing so but I give him maximum 2-3 days and he will be there. This chair doesn’t have table which is allowing him to enjoy the meal times and gives him feeling of importance.

Table mat you can make very easily by yourself. It again helps to define the space. He was very happy when he found out that spoon fits in its outline.

We have also small stand with two upper shelves for us and three down ones for Agastya. He can come, serve himself, use ingredients for his play cooking (which is not so often as he wants to cook in real on real gas with me) and on low shelf he has his basket with cleaning stuff. We do not keep toy food for play. Instead he plays with real pasta, walnuts, cinnamon sticks, dried grapes…

Learning tower is one of the best inventions in the world. We have it from the time Agastya was 12 months and it is one of the most widely used item in our house. As he has “kitchen fever” or “dry-liquid-pouring-stirring-mixing sensitive period” it is most often utilized in the kitchen but we already used it everywhere. Only two days ago he found out how to get in and out by himself.