Make colors at home but listen to your child!

Today I spent my son’s nap time preparing edible paints, pasting huge papers on the floor, thinking about all the activity over and over so it’s perfect…and then…he woke up and hated the color :/ Not as expected. He just didn’t like the feeling of color on his fingers and he hated to become dirty (this is something new) 😀

The recipe for the homemade edible paint:

As he didn’t enjoy new paint I offered him our regular tempera colors but he did’t get into that neither.

I left and came back with his favorite markers…and yes he got excited, he just wanted his foot outline on the paper and left the activity again.

So I came up with ‘drawing on the windows’ idea. We have super cool Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 Colouring Pencils become Water Color become Wax Crayons, that you can use for paper, black board and glass too. What’s better, you can also remove it 🙂 Heaven for all creative souls and my son enjoyed cleaning the window more…

I guessed he is just not in mood for art and listened to him…He wanted to see his new Universe Flash Cards I made few days ago.

Dear mommies, I failed to listen to my son today to get nice post about the homemade colors. Just a quick reminder for myself: Listen and follow your child!