Flashcards, laminated, non-laminated, big, small, black and white, colorful…all I just fell in love. If I should use the right word, I am obsessed these days 😛 

They have tons of significant missions of course but on other side, they are so much fun for creative and all-the-time-preparing-something parents. You can come up with different ideas, you can make your own personalized cards with faces of your baby, with your real furniture, or you can find hundreds of them easily available on internet.

Let’s see how to make YOUR SPECIAL FAMILY FLASHCARDS your child will surely love! Mine does. And so does my husband 🙂

  1. You will need photos of all the family members you want to keep in your range. Try to get same photography on same background so your cards will look clean and
    neat. That’s why wherever we went we were carrying white wrapping paper. 
  2. Now you will need to crop and edit them according to your preferences. I highly recommend using the web site You can do really cool stuff there for free or you can register and get all the awesome features.

♣ choose the option “Edit”
♣ left bar – Basic Edits – Crop – Square
/choose your desired area to crop/ and Apply
♣ Basic Edits – Exposure – play with Brightness and Highlights
(when you print photo it will be bit darken than shown on the screen)
♣ left bar – Frames – Simple Edge – Outer color and Inner color
(choose according to your background) – Outer color Thickness
keep on 0 – Inner color Thickness on 100, Caption space on maximum
♣ Left bar – Text (choose type of letter and write the names)
♣ Well done! You can save your Masterpiece 🙂
Choose Quality Sean to keep the photo of the best quality

   3. Print your cards on paper of 230g art paper, cut them and laminate them. Then cut again. Tadaaaaa! Your family flashcards are ready to use.

You can come up with really cool ways of playing with them. Not only flashing fast but pairing, talking about the members, building your family tree, grouping them or editing them by your own hands 😀 We use washable markers.

Happy family visits mammas.