Easter Eggs Montessori activity for toddlers

Easter is coming and I was thinking how to make it special for my little one who does not yet fully gets the meaning of Easter. And I got it! EGGS of course! So creative isn’t it? 😀

My son is just in that phase of life when we have to have scrambled eggs every day, well I have to have as he just loves to break and cook, eating is not that exciting.

So we bought 12 eggs from the street (yeah, here in India, you get eggs on the street)really cheap and rushed home. That happiness in his eyes when after breaking first 6 got another 6 eggs… 🙂 Once all broken he enjoyed making scrambled eggs which we gave to street dogs in the evening. Win – win situation for everyone. Mom has few minutes off, child learning experience and dogs food. Will surely repeat it in coming days.

Montessori inspired Holi Celebration for Toddlers

We live in India, country full of people, animals, music, smell and colors… There are all religions and cultures around us so we really get lot of opportunities to learn about different people and their different worlds. As my boy is becoming older I started to think about putting together a kind of calendar with all the world dates, hindu dates, christian dates, pagan traditions.

On Monday 13th of March we celebrated our first Holi together. And because I could not find any event suitable for toddlers I decided to host one and of course Montessori inspired.

Holi, celebrated in Phagun (March), the last month of the Hindu calendar is called ‘festival of colors’. It falls on the full moon day when bonfire (holi) is lit to drive away all the evil and purify the atmosphere. Holi symbolizes the destruction of demonic energies and start of new time, spring. Earlier ashes from the bonfire were applied on the body and remaining immersed in the flowing water invoking prosperity and protection. Nowadays colored powder has replaced ash. The bright colors symbolize new beginnings.

Yes, Holi is very nice festival and I can’t wait for next year once my son is older so we can dig deep into the topic.

For this day I decided to put up all the colorful materials. I divided activities into wet and dry ones. Age range : 15 – 22 months.

Practical life exercise – MIRROR CLEANING and Shape sticking with water
Practical life exercise – WATER POURING and WATER SPOONING
Dry spooning – Rangoli Making- pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination
Dry spooning – colorful sand – pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination
Shape sticking – pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination
Homemade play dough – pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination
Pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination
Originally prepared as water pouring activity. Became water spraying activity. Great to develop strength in fingers and wrist, eye-hand coordination.
Rangoli Making – pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination
Sensory bin with organic colors.
Water pouring activity – pincer grasp development, eye-hand coordination, focus.
Relax 🙂 Water painting.



Hi mommy,

Are you same freak like me searching for as much eco-bio-natural-for the child and planet best homemade stuff as possible?

Today’s class: PLAY DOUG

It is super easy, fast and you can make it immediately from the sources at your home.

For one color you will need:

  • 150 ml of water
  • 75 g of flour (maida)
  • 35 g of salt
  • 1 spoon of vinegar
  • 1/2 spoon of oil
  • food coloring or any natural colors
  • essential oil (optional)


  1. Mix water + vinegar + oil + essential oil. Add food coloring as per your desired color tone. 
  2. Put flour and salt in non-stick fry pan and add your liquid mixture. 
  3. Cook approximately 2 minutes till it sticks together and creates one big mass. 
  4. Cook for more 5 minutes continuously moving big mass around the pan. More you keep it on fire less it will stick.
  5. Let the mass cool down and work it out till it is smooth and soft.
  6. Tadaaaaa done! Offer it to your quality controller and keep in fridge in air tight container.

Tips to do it even better:

  • if you don’t have essential oil you can boil cinnamon/cloves/apple in 150ml water
  • put more color to obtain the desired tone as after you mix it with flour it will get lighter in shade
  • if you don’t want to use food coloring you can keep your play dough completely natural color or use natural colors: