After few months of hard work finally coming up with new educational kit for kids (and adults too) 💜 I just love it. It can be used by all the age categories in lot of different ways of presentation. We use them in 16 months also πŸ™‚

Teach your kids about chakras,energies and their strength through play.

“To stay healthy and strong we need to take care of ourselves.
You eat so you stay active and you grow up. You exercise so that your heart is healthy and strong. And in the same way… Your energy body needs nourishment.
Our bodies are not only physical ones but also energy ones which protects us and cover us in coat of health, happiness, joy.
Chakras are those responsible for our coats… “

Kit contains :
1x wooden chakra puzzle
7x semi precious stones
1x chakra cards
1x chakra daily planner
70 cards for daily planner (21 empty for own creations)
7x essential oil
7x color pencils
1x DIY chakra bracelet set

Developmental activities included:
* puzzle solving (with round shapes)
* color sorting
* drawing
* creativity
* threading
* sensory development (touch, smell)
* knowledge


I just love stones…Stones of any shape, color, size. I collect them everywhere I go because there is never enough stones at woman’s home πŸ˜› I was using them to make jewelry but now they got completely different value! They are our most played material since Agastya was born. He got his first big piece of tumbled ametrin from his great grand mom when he was 2 months because he just starred at it without a movement πŸ˜€

So today we have around 100 semi-precious stones in our collection and we love them. I will post more about how we use our crystals in my next post.

This activity is great to develop:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • concentration
  • patience
  • pincer grip
  • strength in writing fingers
  • writing skills
  • language

TIPΒ (colors)

Following activity is prepared for 16 months old toddler who doesn’t show any interest in colors yet. But if you have color maniac toddler at home you can improve the activity and add on color sorting. Just keep different colored bowls to sort the stones in or just simply keep sheets of color papers on the table. If you are just introducing colors don’t forget to start with 2 opposite one (e.g. red & blue) and after your toddler becomes master add on another color. Only after introducing all the colors you can proceed ahead with shades.

TIP (language)

When telling your child names of the stones, make sure you know all before you sit with him, otherwise he will become bored while you search for the exact name. Use only proper names and if you don’t know, don’t try to come up with something, just say “sorry I really don’t know but I’ll search it for you after we are done.” This part is essential for even smallest kids, if they don’t speak, doesn’t mean they don’t learn and don’t understand.

TIP (educational set)

I will slowly start presenting Chakra educational set (click to see) which I made that includes cards, stones, different activities. It’s not yet for 16 months old child but there are unlimited ways how to present it to little ones also.

Agastya loves books. Every time and everywhere πŸ™‚
Practicing pincer grip and eye-hand coordination.
To make activity exciting even for longer time I offered another way of presentation.